Adventure tour at Arenal Volcano area

The area around the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica, offer you a diverse landscape that features erupting volcanoes, rainforests full of life, and waterfalls, it's a land perfect for active explorers. Here are the top adventure activities in the area: Rafting, Canyoning, Canopy Tour, Horseback Riding, Venado Caves, Mountain Bike, Atv Tour, Sport fishing Lake Arenal, Arenal River Tubing.

Waterfall Rappel  - Canyoning Desafio Adventure

Canyoning in the Lost Canyon in Costa Rica is more than just a waterfall rappel -- it's a very active and physical sport where you use your whole body  to make your way down a beautiful river canyon and hike through deep Costa Rica rainforest.

We offer you two options:  

DesafioAdventure Canyoneering 

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La Roca Canyoning - Canyoneering

It is the experience where you can enjoy different activities such as: Rappelling, Hiking, zip lining, jumping on pools, climbing, hanging bridges, rappel Swing, at the same Canyon, hiking out of the place you can enjoy the beautiful nature, wildlife and the view of the Arenal Volcano.

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La Fortuna Waterfall Horseback Riding and Hiking

It is the perfect combination; horseback riding, hiking, swimming and enjoying the magnificent La Fortuna Waterfall, which have become one of the most important and visited attraction in this area.

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Venado Caves

Venado Caves is waiting for you!! Accompanied by a tour guide, you will begin this underground journey deep into a 1.5 miles system of caves well kept in its natural state where it is possible to observe stalagmites formations. 

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Quads - ATv Tour

ATV off road tour: 

Exploring the natural beauty in a way very few will have the opportunity to enjoy.

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Mountain Bike

With a moderate ranking, we offer you a mountain bike tour in one of the best-suited area of Costa Rica: the region of Arenal Volcano with its stunningly lush vegetation and excellent views.

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Horseback Riding  Arenal Volcano 

The guide will first show you how to handle your horse to ensure that you are comfortable and ready to begin your adventure.

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Sport Fishing Tour   Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal offers the best fresh water fishing conditions in Costa Rica in order to do Sport fishing of guapote, a humpback fish also known as rainbow bass as well as Machaca fishing throughout the year.

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Tubing Adventure  Arenal River

Enjoy the trip by tubing  through the incredibly beautiful canyon of the Rio Arenal on class I, II and a few class III rapids.  Join us and get fun!

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Mountain Bike and Kayak Lake Arenal

Enjoy a pleasant morning or afternoon combination of kayaking on Lake Arenal with breath taking views of the Arenal Volcano and Mountain Bike near to the Arenal Volcano National Park.

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