Arenal Palace Hotel

To enjoy all the adventure and nature excursions that Arenal Evergreen offers, the Arenal Palace Hotel is a great departure point without extra transportation costs.


Arenal Palace Hotel is located on the west side of Arenal Volcano on the road between La Fortuna and Lake Arenal.


Located very close to popular tourist sites like:

·         6 km (3.5 miles) from Arenal Volcano National Park

·         900 meters from the Tabacón Hot Springs and River

·         Very close to the Baldí Hot Springs (only 5 km or 3 miles)

·         15 minute drive to the Arenal Hanging bridges


The Arenal Palace Hotel has large windows oriented towards the Arenal Volcano National Park allowing guests to enjoy marvelous views of the colossal Arenal Volcano.

At Arenal Palace you can enjoy a tranquil and comfortable environment. Located 8 km (4.5 miles) from La Fortuna, the Arenal Palace Hotel is a great base to enjoy the different tourist activities that ARENAL EVERGREEN offers.


Whichever hot springs you choose—Tabacón Grand Spa, Baldí Hot Springs, Paradise Hot Springs, Titoku, Ecotermales Fortuna—all are just a few minutes away. 

Facilities at Arenal Palace Hotel

Restaurant for breakfasts

Lunch and dinner service (with advance notice)

Small family pool

Private parking in front of your room

Laundry Service



Each room at Arenal Palace Hotel includes:

Two double beds

Large windows with direct views of Arenal Volcano


Private bathroom with hot water




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